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About Joglekar Sparkle Interiors

Since Joglekar Sparkle Interiors opened its doors over 15 years ago we have showcased and delivered the very best in style, quality and service to a long list of discerning clientele. We are passionate about contemporary design and luxury living and we know that this lifestyle is a passion shared by our enthusiastic clients.

Through our commitment to detail and sourcing the right products, we have forged partnerships and close relationships with many top designers and contemporary brands that share the same ethos of providing the very best in modern designer furniture today. This together with our attention to delivering exactly what the client requires has contributed to our formidable reputation. we aim to continue to drive design forward by showcasing the very best design houses, and locating the products that fulfil your need for a timeless yet contemporary interior.

Once the client finalises a design suitable for his home our team inspects the area for proper measurements. We then provide client the best possible quote with superior quality of work.


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